Not just business as usual...


Building sustainable economies, managing the emergence of disruptive technology, re-imagining business and politics in an age of big data. These are just some of the challenges reshaping the world we live in and reshaping the business agenda. Faced with this, every organisation has to make a decision: change with the times, or get left behind? At Root & Branch PR, we specialise in leveraging organisational expertise to create though-leadership led campaigns for those who want to change the world and working with us is working with a community of the like-minded. To find out how we can help re-shape your messages, please get in touch. 




How can we help your organisation craft messages for the 21st century.

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Asking the big questions, and looking for the answers.

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Writing is at the heart of what we do, turning complicated ideas into sparkling prose for a variety of purposes.  

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Make your case to the people who count, and help set the agenda and define the debate

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The news never stops, and neither do our experts. 

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Our clients

        Who we work with, and why they work with us.                   

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